Labeling, marking and coding via portable inkjet
    Stamping, encoding, hole-punching and authentification of documents
    Production and distribution of stamps and machines for
    Stamp factories, stationery shops, printing houses and service centres
    Laser engraving and laserable materials

Imprinters, seal presses, laser stamps...

The experience gained over the years in various industries enables us to provide high quality products and machines, but above all to guide the client towards the best solution for a specific application. Pryor's motto, "from hand stamp to laser", one of ten brands represented and distributed in Italy and made by VILLA, can be regarded as a proposal that pinpoints, when it comes to integral solutions for the Client, the right means to satisfy an ever increasingly demanding and advanced market.


JetStamp 791

Inkjet Manual Markers JetStamp 791 is an inkjet marker that manages to mark anywhere fast and silently. Marking is Find out more...

Speed-i-Marker 941

Inkjet Manual Markers The Speed-i-Marker 941 is an inkjet gun, ideal for fast and individual marking for both mobile Find out more...

JetStamp graphic 971

Markers for Industrial Coding JetStamp graphic 971 is an easy and fast way to encode documents, products, batches of Find out more...

Benchtop Markers

Micropercussion Marker MARKMATE LCDIt is a fully programmable micro-perforated unit, easy to use and extremely Find out more...

LVG6040 - Laser CO2

MODEL LVG6040 Extremely easy to use, low cost and high performance. Particularly suitable for engraving on organic Find out more...

MaxStamp Series CSI

Model: CSI-10 Colors: Black, yellow, red, blue, white Plate Dimensions: 15 x 38 mm Find out more...