Attendance Officials

TimeCard - Detection of employee attendance
Simple, flexible, professional kit, with great value for money.
The TimeCard detection system is appropriate for the needs of small and medium size companies and can be flexibly prepared for future needs.
This ingenious system allows you to install "state-of-art" without a great work of wiring.
All data is conveniently electronically recorded with the help of chip-cards or ID cards with transponders and automatically controlled through high-performance software.

TimeCard - Professional departure package
All recordings are conveniently inserted through the chip cards and analyzed by extremely versatile software.
Times are detected via the cyberjack recording terminal (with memory for over 10,000 entries).
The data is transmitted to the PC via Transport Card and together with a PC Card Reader, both of which belong to the delivery package.

Delivery package: "cyberjack" recording terminal, additional cyberjack chip card reader, transfer card, power adapter, wall mount, fixing material, software CD, 25 chip-cards.

TimeCard - Premium Package
Features like above, plus the presence / absence display on the display, the hourly bill of hours, the extraordinary calculation, the annual calendar, password protection and many other useful software features.

TimeCard - Premium Plus Package
Features like Premium Packs, with the difference that scripts are conveniently untied by transponders in the form of key tokens.