What is laser marking? Definition and characteristics

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Laser marking is a way to permanently mark an object with personalization and coding, both for safety and quality control reasons. It is a highly appreciated solution for its flexibility, reliability in yield and savings. It is particularly adopted for engraving metals but it is also indicated for marking wood and thermoplastic materials. There are several techniques in laser marking: surface and sub surface engraving, ablation, annealing, carbonization, foaming and color change. Small, medium and large companies use laser technology in manufacturing and supply chain processes as it represents a solution for companies for practical and innovative marking. Let's see together what the processing consists of.

Mobile printing on wood with JetStamp 1025

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Approved by CONLEGNO

JetStamp 1025 Special Edition 2585 is the ideal solution for marking on pallets, boxes, drums or solid wood packaging.

This marking device, like the other REINER-VILLA products, is capable of marking according to the IPPC standard.

Other data such as date, barcode or logos can be marked according to individual needs.

JetStamp 1025 Special Edition 2585 is easy to use and is equipped with the latest generation hardware and software.
Compact in size, it is equipped with a battery that allows you to make over 1000 prints per day.

Marking on face masks or Personal Safety Devices

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The emergency situation from Covid-19 is leading some types of companies to convert part of the production into the creation of antivirus masks to counter the ongoing emergency. We have always been attentive to market developments and close to the needs of our customers: this is why we offer you the best solutions for inkjet marking of the masks, which require CE marking, medical devices and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment ).

Our coding machines operate mainly in manual and portable mode, but can also be adapted on automatic production lines. These coding systems are also suitable for printing batch code, expiry date and other variable data on cardboard boxes, bottles and packaging in general.

Marking on pallet, the solution is REINER JetStamp 1025

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Pallets are the key to safe transportation around the world of logistics. Wood allows transportation and protects different types of goods, ensuring globally applicable standards. Pallets are often exposed to difficult conditions in the transportation of goods and also face other difficulties. Marking is essential to meet the ISPM-15 global standard specifications and to maintain a vision of the countless pallets in standard and special dimensions in circulation. REINER jetStamp 1025 is the key to flawless marking. Before the Special Edition 2585, pallets could only be marked with hot marking systems by moving them on special marking lines. The process was elaborate and expensive. REINER jetStamp 1025 has definitely optimized these operations.

The advantages of inkjet marking in the pharmaceutical and medical industry

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Everything must be perfect in an important sector such as the pharmaceutical one. The number of specifications and laws at each stage of the process, from production to the correct marking of the finished product, is almost unequaled. Few other sectors require qualitative and equally high standards in all phases of work as required in the field of medicines and medical equipment. Mistakes must be avoided under all circumstances, as they can have serious consequences for consumers.

Noris Ink: we are new supplier

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We are delighted to announce that we have become Noris ink distributors: it is a quality product that is used in the inking of stamp pads. The colors last a long time and are cheap as well as indelible. There are various types of inks depending on the material that needs to be stamped: inks for metals, for plastics, for fabrics, for rubber for wood and also UV inks visible only with ultraviolet light.

Villa & Figlio at Comunikart 2019

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We have successfully participated in Comunikart, the exhibition dedicated to operators in the world of communication which was held at Fiera Roma from 1 to 3 March 2019. Comunikart represents a reference point for operators in the communication sector. "We can be satisfied - says Daniele Villa, owner of the company Villa & Figlio - since the participation in this important fair exceeded our expectations having found a satisfactory increase in terms of contacts and collaborations

New yellow ink cartridge for JetStamp 791

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The yellow ink for Jetstamp 791 is ready!

The color range of inks for the JetStamp 791 expands and yellow enters the scene.

This solvent-based ink was necessary to allow marking on dark materials on which hitherto it was not possible to print effectively. In the development phase of this ink, the emphasis was placed both on visibility on dark materials and on the excellent adhesiveness necessary for the permanence of the ink on non-absorbent surfaces, keeping drying times very low.
Excellent adherence, indelible, good visibility.

PortaDot Deep Pneumatic

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The portable pneumatic micro-percussion machine for deep industrial marking is an incredibly efficient marker capable of creating very deep incisions.

This product is ideal for marking pipelines for oil and gas pipelines, cylinders, or for creating identification marks
deep, suitable for subsequent painting.