Laser Pryor

Metal Laser Marking

Laser for marking and metal engraving, pumped to YAG Diodes and Laser Fiber
- PRIMO Diode Pumped Nd: YAG Laser Systems are based on a patented technology of a high efficiency laser source that eliminates the need for cooling systems and provides a compact and low-cost solution.
- Systems using fiber optic technology provide new solutions that enhance the compactness, versatility and quality of the marking, obtained with a very slim and precise stretch. Laser markers are pumped through laser diodes and the cooling is air.
- These lasers have maximum reliability, with a mtbf value that exceeds 50,000 hours.
- Fiber lasers are also made in green @ 532nm (4 and 10W), useful for marking plastics, glasses and special components, and UV @ 355nm (3W).
- The PRIMO Control and Marking Software offers all the key solutions of a high quality standard package and the intuitive Windows interface provides the operator with fast learning and ease of use.