Portable micro-percussion markers

Micropercussion marking

Lightweight and ergonomic, with low running costs and no consumables, the LD-2 handset is particularly useful for marking large, unmovable parts because it can be transported and supported directly on the marking piece.
It is equipped with an adjustable and transparent mask that guarantees a good view of the marking that is going to be made.
The marking area is 25 x 50 mm and is sufficient for most needs.
However, there are models with larger marking areas.

The position of the trademark can be checked before making the marking itself.
The marking force can be adjusted and allows to mark materials with hardness up to 62 HRC (800Hv).
It delivers the benefits and the flexibility of micropercussion marking technology combined with the benefits of a mobile unit that is easy to use.
The marking parameters are transferred to the LD-2 via the control unit.
Separating from the marking head, the integrated control panel with large LCD screen, does not affect the vibrations resulting from the marking process.
The software has a quick and easy-to-use menu, and offers multiple functions such as previewing markup, marking logos, serial numbers, date, time, arch marking, and password protection. It connects to the PC via RS232 serial port and I / O digital port.