The advantages of inkjet marking in the pharmaceutical and medical industry


Everything must be perfect in an important sector such as the pharmaceutical one. The number of specifications and laws at each stage of the process, from production to the correct marking of the finished product, is almost unequaled. Few other sectors require qualitative and equally high standards in all phases of work as required in the field of medicines and medical equipment. Mistakes must be avoided under all circumstances, as they can have serious consequences for consumers.

Correct and defect-free marking is an important aspect in this context. Patients need to know what they are taking, pharmacists are forced to mark their medicines and scientists want to keep a good overview in their labs.


Marking of medicines: why are REINER markers useful for the pharmaceutical industry?

Marking defects have serious consequences in the pharmaceutical sector. Even the smallest inaccuracies in the dosage or quality of certain substances can change the effect of a drug and can cause serious harm to the user. This shows that there are good reasons for this sector to be subject to particularly rigorous monitoring.


In addition to the expiration date, drugs must be marked with the batch number. A batch is treated as a single unit and all its pieces have exactly the same characteristics. If one of these products is defective, the other products in the lot will probably have the same defect. The marking of medicines with batch designation allows manufacturers to uniquely identify the products concerned in the event of a recall campaign.


The pharmaceutical industry uses marking systems securely installed along the conveyor belt in series production. So how can small batches and individual preparations be marked as required by law and with economic efficiency? REINER brand portable marking systems are a flexible and cost-effective option for drug coding. Regardless of the material used, these practical devices allow you to mark packaging materials of all types very quickly and reliably with any text, 1D / 2D code or graphics.

If you need to print numbers and dates, we recommend using the jetStamp® 790MP mobile marking device.

The jetStamp® graphic 971 and jetStamp® 2585 mobile inkjet printers are ideal for printing with graphics, barcodes or DataMatrix codes.


Flexible labeling: what makes REINER marking devices ideal for the medical sector?

The strict requirements for the marking of goods are not limited to pharmaceutical products. Medical devices such as surgical instruments, catheters and dental materials also need to be labeled consistently. Continuous monitoring is required. Products from defective lots must be identifiable to be specifically removed from the market.

The REINER jetStamp® graphic 971 and jetStamp® 2585 marking devices allow the application of common code formats for small batches and special products on almost all smooth surfaces, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass or curved surfaces. REINER products are the solution for optimal labeling for any medical device.


Laboratories: marking in research, development or quality management

The laboratory work is stimulating: there are always new discoveries concerning nature, biology and, last but not least, the human body. This brings immense benefits to medicine. The requirements for the marking procedure are clear: it must be reliable and clean, but also quick and simple to prevent alterations in the work process.

Sterile work is especially important in the laboratory. Often it's not just about being sterile or not. The date and type of sterilization are also relevant. There are several symbols that show if an object has been sterilized with ethylene oxide or radiation, for example. Other icons represent information such as "manufacturer", "production date" or "limit temperature". The question is therefore: how to quickly and reliably apply many different symbols to the corresponding object?

Lab tags are common. Various labels can be created for many different uses. They are an option other than marking, but may run out at the least convenient time. Other times labels of a specific type may be deficient. It is important that the signs do not come off even in the worst conditions.


The solution is to simply mark these objects directly. REINER's mobile jetStamp® 1025 and jetStamp® graphic 971 marking devices are capable of marking plastic containers, paper packaging and glass elements. In addition, these marking devices are resistant to smudging of symbols, barcodes and QR codes.


Pharmacies: how can REINER marking devices simplify the daily work of pharmacists?

Contrary to the mass production of many drugs, pharmacies often manufacture individual products manually. Many different substances are stored in the warehouse in order to be able to develop the required medicine at any time. Medicinal tea blends, for example, are generally only produced in small batches. The very small batch sizes can make marking with dynamic data difficult, such as the expiration date.

REINER's portable jetStamp® 790MP inkjet printers are perfect for labeling such small batches and individual productions. Batch designations and expiration dates can be customized and printed directly on the product. Their easy handling makes REINER marking devices the ideal partners also for the pharmacy.


Marking of small batches in the medical sector with the REINER jetStamp® models

Flexibility is vital in the medical sector. Different situations often require special equipment or customized drugs. We provide a wide range of portable printers to meet the stringent marking requirements in this sector. Since Windows drivers and software are ready for use and available to everyone, you can start marking immediately and easily. Integrated code generators, network and USB interfaces for digital documentation allow effective marking of small product batches and individual productions.

The marking devices we supply meet all the requirements for any portable printer in daily work: long battery life, low ink consumption, protection against ink drying and a robust design make our products reliable and flexible to use. Say goodbye to problems related to labels and print directly on packaging with our modern jetStamp® models.


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